Product Search Engine
Product Search Engine is a web application which is used to get data and information from the database with the help of the web program. It can provide an easiest and fastest way for the user to get certain information. As the search engine is connected to the database, a large amount of information can store in it and save time when searching.

Administration can be part of the Search Engine. It is used to update, insert and delete data in the database. Administrator must login a security program before modify the data. Therefore, the company can update everything in the database by themselves without the help of the program designer.

Data Management System
Accounting and management systems are the necessaryprograms in a company. We can help you to create different application programs such as Data Entry System, Transaction System, and Invoice Printing Programming and so on. Everything will fit customers’ request.

Mail System
Besides free e-mail and the Outlook, we can provide another method to send mail on web. Visitors can send a feedback by e-mail if a simple mail program was inserted into the web page. Furthermore, the mail program can connect to the database which stored the customers’ e-mail address and send them the company newsletter or e-card. Not only text base content, this mail program can send out an e-mail with the flash and web page content.